Interactive training sessions
Interact with your peers using collaborative tools, engaging quests and built-in game system to create a lively learning experience.
Host an immersive virtual conference in a stunning 3D environment
Step away from mundane 2D conferences and jump into a beautiful 3D environment with customizable avatars in an immersive, feature rich world with easy-to-use tools such as video conferencing, breakout sessions and much more.
Grow together as a team
Catch up, learn and boost morale in a fun 3D environment with games, quests and video conferencing.
Enhance collaboration
Allow your team to share ideas openly and freely in a custom designed meeting space as they work from anywhere with all the functionality of the office.
A truly immersive webinar experience
Bring your webinars to life with a captivating 3D environment with spontaneous networking opportunities, 3D presentations and audience interactivity.
Collaborative tools
Tools like duel room editing, whiteboards and voice chat are accessible for your classroom.
Stage Management tools
Our stage management tools allow teachers to control the class with a click of a button.
Create appealing quests
Ensure productive learning with our inbuilt quest system; Help your students learn a certain topic by creating fun and engaging quests with completion rewards.
Learn from anywhere
With 24/7 access students can learn any time, any place
Learn how to host your teaching session
What collaboration tools are available in Breakroom?
We have a vast array of collaboration tools including duel room editing and whiteboards.
How can I create quests and games with rewards?
You can create your own games and quests using our SDK tool.
How can I prompt student engagement?
Yes - our platform provides a far more engaging environment than other platforms. You can engage with students one on one or as part of a group.
How do I control volume of students and ensure the teacher has control of the room?
Our stage management tools allow teachers to turn on the "Quiet Mode" and enable the mic for only one student at a time. It also allows the teacher to turn on their mic only for presentations etc.
Can I track the students' progress?
Yes, our built-in analytics system allows you to track the progress of your students.
How do I communicate with my students?
You can communicate through voice and video zones, spatial audio, desktop sharing, instant messaging, inworld email system, emotes and a public announcement system.
How do we share presentations and documents?
You can share in world via email or by screen sharing.
How do I register my students?
You can add your students by leaving the self registration on, use the Manager User panel on the dashboard or by linking the event on Eventbrite. We also provide SSO for Customer Success Plan owners.
Can my students customise their avatars?
Yes they can; Please see for more information on how to customise your avatar.
What technology do I need to run my virtual classroom?
Breakroom runs in the browser on any device with no plugin or install, however, an internet speed of at least 15mbps is recommended for a smooth performance.
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