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Bring people together in safe, secure, branded virtual spaces. Host and monetize conferences and exhibitions. Give communities a place where they can hang out, connect with peers, chat around the watercooler and be part of the group.

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Breakroom streaming presentation

World Streaming on Any Device

Enable your attendees to access Breakroom-based events from a Chrome browser with one click from most devices, including low-end laptops. (Smartphones/tablets in beta.) Attend highly immersive, graphically rich virtual world events without a heavy download or powerful PC.

What is Breakroom?

Who runs Breakroom?

Breakroom is a new product built on the Sinespace virtual world platform.
The Sinespace management team have been building virtual worlds for 14 years.

Peter Norris


Chairman of Virgin Group

Rohan Freeman


Previously: Director at
Ingenious Media PLC

Adam Frisby

Chief Product Officer

Founder of OpenSimulator & Lead Developer of the lib Second Life API

Walter Greenleaf


Distinguished visiting scholar at Stanford

Al King

VP Marketing

Previously at & Electronic Arts

Allen Xiao


Previously: SPM at Augmentum

Vivek Sharma


Also: CEO Au Capital

Digvijay Tiwary

Marketing & Communications

Previously: Customer Centria Pty

Anastasia Bloom

Corporate Finance & IR

Previously: MD - ECM, JPMorgan

Wagner James Au

Public Relations

Previously: Linden Lab & Wired Magazine

We are a UK company with offices and staff in London, New York, LA, San Francisco, Shanghai, Sydney & Mumbai.

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