Transcend barriers and borders with Breakroom′s feature-rich 3D virtual world and events platform for an immersive virtual digital experience.
Breakroom runs in the browser on any device with no plugin or install.
Bring people together even when they are apart
Free content packs
Dozens of templates you can use instantly for different meetings and events
Comprehensive communications tools
Voice and video zones, spatial audio, desktop sharing, instant messaging, inworld email system, emotes and a public announcement system
Highly customisable avatars
Users can instantly pick a look and then endlessly customize at their discretion
Flexible licensing structure
Supports persistent and guest users
World Manager system
Makes it easy to enable just the features you and your users need
Inworld configuration tools
Add your branding and media assets, and customize the experience for your exact needs
Live stage manager tools
Simple tools for moving attendees, speakers, VIPs between sessions and other activities within the world
Custom content uploads
Upload your own branded content such as clothing and regions using our SDK tools
Detailed analytics
Get detailed analytic reports from your events via the dashboard
Intuitive and interactive quests
Build interactive quests using our simple to use, comprehensive quest system.
Built-in social activities
Break the ice with our built-in social tools such as emotes, dances, snapshots, groups and social games.
How much time does it take to setup my world?
Your world is instantly setup and ready to access as soon as you make the purchase and complete a basic configuration which takes a couple of minutes. You can further customise your world via the in-world editor or our SDK depending upon your plan.
How many attendees can participate my events?
This depends on the plan you purchase; For Team plans and above, you can purchase unlimited weekly passes which allow you add more seats.
What technology do I need to run my virtual event?
Breakroom runs in the browser on any device with no plugin or install, however, an internet speed of at least 15mbps is recommended for a smooth performance.
Is there a limit to how many events I can organise?
You can host unlimited events once you have purchased a plan; the world is yours to host any amount of events you like. If your attendees are accessing using a browser, your world stream minutes will be charged per user per minute.
How can I add my users to my Breakroom world?
You can add your users via the dashboard manually or using a CSV file or by linking the event on Eventbrite. We also provide SSO for Customer Success Plan owners.
How can I manage my attendees during an event?
Your attendees can be managed through the Stage Management tools. For more information on this tool, please see https://docs.breakroom.tech/run-your-world/the-stage-manager-system
How do my attendees communicate during my events?
Your attendees can communicate through voice and video zones, spatial audio, desktop sharing, instant messaging, inworld email system, emotes and a public announcement system.
Can I add my own branding to my world?
Yes you can; Please see https://docs.breakroom.tech/customise-your-world/introducting-customisation for more information on how to brand and customise your world.
Can my attendees customise their avatars?
Yes they can; Please see https://docs.breakroom.tech/avatars/introduction-to-avatars for more information on how to customise your avatar.
Do I have access to event analytics?
We provide basic analytics to all subscriptions; Advanced analytics are available for Priority Support and Customer Success Plan owners.
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