Breakroom makes it easy to organise large scale virtual events and conferences.

The platform has 100s of simple off-the-shelf templates, to quickly organise events with serendipitous interactions and ability to monetise sponsors.

Custom Branded Viewer

Custom app and installer with your branding, and accessible to your users.

Event Features

Ticket System integration

Pre-event orientation and access

Live push notifications

LinkedIn and social media profile sharing

Live RTMP Video and audio stream support

Expo-booth system

Sponsor stages

Private sponsor lounges

Unique interactable items on the stand

Live audio stream with customizable audio visualizer system

Explorable expo halls, auditoriums, breakout rooms, media rooms and after party venues

Tools to engage delegates on the stand

Events Highlights

Create and customise your expo booth
Easily swap social media accounts with others
Get unique and cool items at the stand
Get notifications when somebody visits your booth
Hang out in the VIP lounge
Unwind and socialise at the after party

Events Benefits

3D scenes allow sponsors to invest in their presence

Shared memories enhance social connectivity

Spontaneous interactions break down social barriers

Formal and informal settings enable a range of different conversations

3D exploration enhances information retention

The real world is 3D and full of people. That is the social context we understand best!

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